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In 2013, COMMIT!!!


In 2013, commit to MORE: More reading. More exercise. More laughing. More honesty. More action. More saving. Working more on things that matter and spending more time with those who matter. in 2013, commit to LESS: Less griping. Less whining. Less eating. Less television. Less wasting time. Less silly spending. Less spending time with toxic people. Less putting energy into …

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Now What? Ten things you can do now that the elections are over.


Now what? 10 things you can do now that the elections are over. The elections are over. Some folks are very happy with the way things turned out and some are not happy at all. I am one of those folks who isn’t all that happy about it. However, it doesn’t matter how I feel about the elections. Why? Because …

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Guilt Image

Guilt serves no purpose. ©Larry Winget


Have you ever messed up?  Of course you have.  I have.  We all have.  It’s what people do.  Many will tell you that the key is to stop messing up.  That can’t be done.  The key is what you do after you mess up.  I like how my son, Tyler, put it to me many years ago.  It’s a quote …

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Dont Settle

Stop settling for average!


Stop settling for average!  ©Larry Winget If you are an average person, chances are that you go to work, spend at least 2 full hours surfing the internet on personal stuff,  fudge a little on your break and lunch hour, then come home, eat way too much unhealthy food, then watch four or five hours of television, go to bed, …

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Are you a spectator or an active participant?


We have become a society of spectators.  It is easier to watch old reruns of Friends on television than it is to make the effort to be a friend in real life.  It’s easier to watch people lose weight on The Biggest Loser than it is to put down the bowl of ice cream, get off your butt, do a …

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How To Take Responsibility©


How To Take Responsibility© by Larry Winget, The Pitbull of Personal Responsibility® Taking responsibility is the most critical step toward success that you will ever make in anything you undertake, either personally or professionally. The ability to take responsibility for everything you are, everything you do and everything you have is also the biggest challenge you will ever face in …

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Everything is a choice.©


Everything is a choice. First; a rant. I just made a statement. It is a statement that applies to nearly every person on the planet, so don’t start with me about how some people don’t have a choice. Don’t tell me about the people who are born with handicaps or who are born into poverty. Don’t tell me about something …

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Better Marriage

13 Tips For A Better Marriage©


Valentine’s Day is the day designated to love and honor the person you are in a relationship with. In most cases, it’s too little too late as a card, some flowers and chocolate won’t have a long lasting impact on your happiness.  It might give you a good day, but long term, you need more.  To really honor the person …

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Happier Life

Ten Steps To A Happier Life©


Lighten up! Don’t get your panties in a wad about every little thing that happens. Forget blame. You can fix the blame or you can fix the problem. Spend your time fixing the problem. Forget guilt. Guilt serves little purpose. If you messed up, apologize and move on. Forget luck. Lucky people are those who are prepared, recognize opportunities and …

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Financially Fit

Ten Steps For Getting Ahead Financially©


Ten Steps For Getting Ahead Financially© By Larry Winget Figure out where you are financially. Know how much money you have on hand and how much money you earn after taxes. Know who you owe, how much you owe and when it’s due. Know what got you in the mess you are in. Figure it out. Know what you are …

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