To answer the many questions I am getting these days about Big Spender.  It is official now – it’s over – it simply isn’t coming back, folks.  A&E needed a sponsor to make it work.  They never found one.  I had a great time doing the show and it seemed to have helped a lot of people, but in television, it takes major bucks to keep a show on the air.  It wasn’t the kind of show that Home Depot, or any credit card company, or anyone selling anything would much want to sponsor since I tell people who can’t afford to shop to stop all shopping.  Therefore the market for sponsors was slim.  We had a couple of great years and while the show had many fans and great ratings . . . no sponsor.  It’s history.

But never fear,  in the words of Arnold, “I’ll be back.”  I am currently working on many new projects.  You haven ‘t seen the last of me yelling and ranting on the tube yet!  I am about to shoot a PBS special and am working on lots of other projects as well.  I have even had talks about another show.  And I am on Fox News the Fox Business Channel and other network news shows quite a bit.  (If you missed any of those, they are posted in my Video Vault.)  So stay tuned and it won’t be long before you see me again in something all new.

The Phoenix seminar will be announced shortly.   Again, if you know anyone who would like to attend, have them sign up to get my email blasts so they can receive the email that will announce the date, location, etc.   I am guessing that we will do it in June or July.  This is the seminar that will be FREE because we are taping it for television.   We are expecting a big crowd!  So show up and you may see yourself on TV when it plays!

One last word to the great folks who post.  I have no problem with people who don’t agree with me.  Make your point if you don’t like what I have to say.  Then move on.  People read my blogs because they like what I write and my point of view.  If you don’t, then go read someone else’s blog and post there.

I recently asked a guy to leave who hated me, hated every word that came out of my mouth, hated my books, hated all of you and felt he needed to comment on every post that was made by all of us.  I asked him to leave – he got belligerent and I just refused to post any more of his trash.   I told him he had gone too far and become a pain in the ass and that he was banned.  He then went to Amazon and attacked me and my books and gave me the most thorough trashing I have ever received in print.  Gave me one stars on my books and then went on the reviews of all who liked my books and told them they were suckers for buying my drivel.   He knows a lot of people will see what he writes on Amazon and that nothing can be done to remove his comments.  All of that is fine.  I am a big boy and I can take it.  Besides I give people enough credit to see that this is an unhappy guy who feels he has been wronged and he gets to play  big man by trashing me on the internet hoping to discourage people from buying my books.  I hope he feels better about himself now.

When you take a stand, people are going to dislike you.  I am used to that.  No problem.

All I ask of all of you is this:  If you don’t like my point of view, say so.  Be respectful of both me and the others who post.  After all folks, this is MY blog.  If you become abusive, you aren’t welcome.  Seems fair to me.  I don’t need or want to see your name on every blog posting talking about how wrong, stupid, or arrogant I am.  I don’t need to be called names or a sellout or a rich right-winger (that one is the funniest of all since nothing could be farther from the truth.  I worked my butt off to get rich, but I’m not a right winger!)  And don’t start fights with the other posters.

Scope up people.  None of this is world peace.  It’s one opinionated guy who other people find entertaining enough to read his comments.  If you don’t find it entertaining and don’t like what I have to say, then go away.   I never started the blog to argue with people.  My time isn’t worth it – nor should yours be.   The purpose of the blog is to vent and have some fun.

I appreciate all of you who show up, read my stuff, comment, and keep coming back.


32 thoughts on “Big Spender, Phoenix Public Seminar and more……

  1. Brian

    Larry, Amen brother. I am glad you asked that idiot to leave. This is for fun and no place to hate (Except his actions of course) Let him go review Barney books on Amazon. I don’t think he could poor water out of a boot if the directions were on the heel. Keep up the excellent work and I hope to see you in Arizona. Time for a Corona!!!! Peace

  2. Chris

    If A & E can bring the Dog Chapman back, they can certainly bring Big Spender back. Your fans – starting with me – is going to let A & E know that Big Spender needs to be on the air.

    Call everyone you know and ask them to contact A & E.

  3. Keith Meyers

    Very well said. I have just started to read your works sir. Although we are far beyond the point of any salvation, fiscal or otherwise, your books are helping me to “pull the plane out of its power dive” and level off so to speak. My only obsrevation is that some situations are far less tanable even if you accept full responsibility! But reading your books have allowed me to step back, reacess, and have a much needed breather. It helps. So please keep up the good work sir!

  4. Laurie

    MAJOR BUMMER about Big Spender! Especially when you look at all the mindless garbage polluting the airwaves.

    Larry, someone really called you a right-winger?! Holy crap. Talk about off-base. A reading comprehension class is in order for that person.

  5. If only the bad commenters would put as much focus and work into, well, focusing and working on their own success (as you preach so eloquently, Larry), I betcha they wouldn’t find the time to bitch.

    They would too busy being successful.

    As you say, they aren’t looking in the mirror as they should be. Because it’s their own damn fault. And I would venture to say that people who don’t look in the mirror expect everything else to be one.

    That is, when these faultfinders blame others, they are projecting their own self-loathsomeness onto others.

    Similarly, what I found — on my blog as well — is that those who bitch and complain are usually the ones who aren’t happy with themselves, and feel the need to blame others.

    Go figure.

    In your program, “Success is Your Own Fault,” you quote the Sanborn Maxim, which goes: “The customers who are willing to pay you the least will always demand the most.” While that might be true in terms of money, I think it’s the same with everything else.

    For example, “The people who are willing to pay you the least RESPECT will always demand the most.” (And they’re the ones who deserve it the least, too.)

    Great post, as always, Larry.

  6. Lisapage

    Bless your heart , Larry!
    I just finished the last of your 3 books.. I only wish I would have “met” you sooner! I’m ready to get started on making my future happier, healthier and
    wealthier. $ thanks a million, or two!

  7. Jennifer

    I am going on a hunger strike till they bring back Big Spender..(yes, just kidding). It makes sense that the sponsors are few and far between. I am contacting two people just to say a word or two about that decision. The channel and Huyndai!!! Why don’t they sponser you? 🙂 I know wishful thinking. Once I find out about your final date in Phoenix, if I am not traveling for work, I am making the trip all the way from Boston. I have my fingers crossed I can make it.
    Larry, hopefully this gives you more time to write more books, create your member only site and COME TO BOSTON! Had to put that in there.

  8. Jennifer

    Ok so I wrote my opinion to the channel and then had a thought. I don’t remember it all the clearly because I was not a huge fan of the show. But if anyone knows of the show “Family Guy” it was a show with a huge cult following and pretty good reviews but it was canceled after a season or two due to not being able to find a sponser (again foggy but I am pretty sure that was the reason it was canceled). There was such an outcry, that Fox went with that back to sponsers and it is still on the air today. I remember the actress who is the lead on that show was being interviewed and she said they had all moved on thinking it was over and were shocked to get a phone call begging them all back.
    SO point being, if you love the show, let the channel know. Maybe Larry will get a phone call begging him back, and then he can demand more money. A win-win for everyone!

  9. Jim

    Larry, Sorry to hear the show was cancelled. Honestly, only caught part of it one time. I have to say, I enjoy your books. The guy with the ranting…was that someone on the public speaking circuit that didn’t like you, or just an irate non-fan.
    I’m all about free speech but really, say your peace and move on. We aren’t debating politics or the future of America. To actually chase you down on Amazon, then your customers…there are these white jackets that fit nicely, they come with free room and board in a quiet place with padded walls…

  10. Larry Winget

    Thanks to all for the support. – The guy who has become rabid is a guy I kicked off this blog. If you are a regular poster, it will take all of a nano-second to figure out who it was. Laurie, he was a special fan of yours too!

    And thanks for all the kind words about Big Spender. I honestly believe that Big Spender went away to open up some other opportunities since you can’t do more than one cable show at a time. As I said, there are bigger things ahead. You will see me again before long “on another network” as they say!

    Would love to see all who are near Phoenix show up. We will have a big time shooting the television special for PBS.


  11. Laurie

    Hahaha, Larry… I know, he luuuuuuved me. I made him feel like nothing more than a miserable, contrary brat… and it pissed him off that I didn’t take him seriously. He thought he was all mighty and threatening, and I just kept laughing at him like he was just an amusing, tantrum-throwing child. What an imbecile.

    Keep on wit’ yo’ bad self, Larry. 😉

  12. Jim


    My wife and I were talking and were suprised an investment firm wouldn’t sponser you guys. Did anyone even think of that? Maybe some food for though for the next one.

    Just putting it out there.


  13. Kim

    I am so sorry to hear about Big Spender, I loved the show and was waiting for it to come back. I have enjoyed watching you on the Millionaire Inside, perhaps a deal with CNBC in the works? I bought and read “Your Broke” on Saturday, it was such a great book I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait for the next one, and hope to see back on the air soon.


  14. Roger Curry

    OK, Larry, you want criticism, here it is – I’m damn sick and tired of you kicking my ass by telling me the truth about what I need to do to keep from screwing up. Fat, dumb & lazy is a much easier existence!

    So, dammit, because of YOUR advice (which is the same advice my Dad gave me, as well as every other person I’ve respected in my life), I actually have to work hard and EARN what I receive. Oh, woe is me!


  15. Brian K

    Sorry to hear about the show. I thought it was very educational for people who needed that advice and even for others thatmay not have.

    Wish you the best in your future projects – I’ll be watching.

    Best of Luck!

  16. Craigular

    Hey Winget! Hello from Tulsa! Good to see that you have gone from glasses to boots. Much more classy.

    Loved your Big Spender show, too. Wish it had worked out. The car commercials are pretty cool too. At first is was kinda coming into my living room univited and all, but it’s fun to tell everyone “Hey! I used to work for that guy!”

    Tell RM hi for me. I’ll be reading up on ya.

    Craig C

  17. brad c

    This blog looks like its dedicated to the looser guy, sounds to me you could be on big looser as youve just lost 200 lbs or so by kicking him out!
    Youre right one door closes…maybe a third chair on the patio on Boston Legal? Anyhoo talk soon pal

  18. Bill

    We met and spoke several years ago when you presented at a conference in Nashville and we shared our humorous ventures. I realized then that you were the real deal and “walked the talk” in those big cowboy boots! Of course, I’ve read all your books and to this day keep one of your affirmations from “Shut Up…” on our vanity counter to see and recite every day.

    As for the TV show – great that it’s gone! Why? Don’t whine! (I know you’re not). You now have had benefit of doing a show, know better what you want and what to avoid, know what is necessary to sustain a show, have a list of contacts, mentors, coaches and potential sponsors, etc. None of this would have entered your world had you not done it.

    As for the “pinheads” who want to hate you and do damaging things – they are the personality types who get up in the morning scheming as to how best to make someone’s life miserable so that they have company. I pity anyone married to these people, I have concern for any children that may be involved and I sure as hell wouldn’t work for a moment with someone of that ilk. A professor of mine, may years ago, said the following and it has stuck with me, “Illegitimi Noncarborundum” – loosely translated, “Don’t let the bast__ds wear you down!”

    Good luck in your next venture(s). PBS is a great venue and not necessarily subject to the same profit motive as commercial channels. I think back on a friend, MaryAnn Esposito, who started her little cooking show on NH Public TV and who now is syndicated across the PBS network with Ciao Italia! There is no reason that someone with your ‘counterculture’ style couldn’t find the same success. Go for it!

  19. paula

    I enjoyed your show and if I know you as well as I think I do….ummmmmm 50’something years…’ll be back.

    On another note, you gave some advice to my big bro about “taking self-inventory” on a job loss. That really made me thing about my situation. Working in the non-proft sector for many years now, I’m not going anywhere even though the pay sucks. My passion is for the mission and what we do for youth. My inventory list got rather long but it was more on the heavy side of community efforts. Not much was left on the inventory side of myself..other than the fact I think I am a professional student! I’m beginning my PhD in Applied Management and Science this fall, now that will be a good venture and I might need to reference you!

    Ok, back to work for me. Break is over!

  20. steve schilling

    My wife Suzanne and I are big fans of the show, though I admit it was hard for me to watch because it hit to close to home. We will miss seeing you on our big screen. I want to thank you . You were a wake up call for someone who was just a observer to his own life. We are just starting to read your books and be assured, we will be life long fans.

  21. Wayne

    You handled that crazy guy pretty well, Larry. People like that get away with it because some time in their lives, they got away with it. And they keep doing it, like bawling, spoiled babies because they think they can do it again and get attention and what they want. They can be emotional vampire suckers. And they can have some serious mental problems. I’ve seen several students like that as a teacher. A friend recently had a run-in with someone like that at a seminar. They are a strange combination of stalker plus passive-aggressive emotional nutcase who think YOU owe them something.

    As for the show; well, I loved your books but was too busy to see the TV show. Too bad, but go figure. So much of network TV is based on trying to get you to spend, spend, spend even on credit you shouldn’t expend, that a show like yours…well, it’s going to really rub some sponsors the wrong way. But then, you must be doing SOMETHING right if you got a reaction from the sponsors like that.


  22. Christina

    I just finished your book ‘You’re broke …’ Thank you.
    I loved it as you put into words, with great clarity, what I have been trying to say to my husband all these years. Of course, I tried to share my excitement with him, but after page one he was disagreeing.
    It was another argument over attitudes about money.
    Your book was the catalyst for me to finally to say that I can’t stay with a man who doesn’t accept that he has a problem (we have spent all our equity, have credit card debt and an equity line etc.).
    I know that I have a problem too as I am the same as the wife who is married to the alcoholic who keeps on thinking that he will, one day, see that he has a drinking problem, but meanwhile she gives him the keys to the drinks cabinet.

  23. De

    Totally agree! If someone doesn’t like what you have to say, then they should move on. Say their piece in a polite but firm way perhaps, but move on. Not real difficult to comprehend.

    I was sad to hear your show isn’t coming back. I guess the truth hurts some would be sponsors. (?) I thought it was very helpful. A reality check. Some people don’t need everything sugar coated. They need reality. Then sometimes even that doesn’t help.

    Talking about your show brings to mind something that happened to me recently with a credit card. I would love to share it here because I think your readers might find my experience helpful to them.

    So, if you don’t mind Larry, I’d like to put my blog link in here so anyone that wants to can read about what I’ve decided to call my situation, “Crazy Credit Card Shenanigans”.

    Thanks for your consideration. It was a real eye opener for me.

    By the way, I’m sure you’ll have lots more great stuff to send our way. Just keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  24. Gypsie

    I loved Big Spender and hope that at the very least they run some old shows. It always made me think more carefully about my own money.

  25. Diana

    I just discovered this blog… apparently 1 week too late to ask when the new Big Spenders would be coming out.

    Anyone ever see Bullrun? If not, look it up. I’m not advertising for them. The point is that it, much like Jericho and numerous other shows on both network & cable stations, were brought back in part by organized, thoughtful petitions. Anyone game?
    While I recognize every show needs a sponsor, I find it hard to believe that there are isn’t a single company let alone multiple companies, that would jump on this, if it had viewer support.

    Brainstorm with me, people… there are tons of industries that thrive when you do things the Big Spender way, this is America. :-p

    1) – local/national grocery stores (and/or local/national cooking classes)
    2) – marble notebook manufacturers (ha!) and/or office supply retail locations (get yourself organized, with ____!)
    3) – financial advisors
    4) – career councellors
    5) – consignment stores, goodwill, bookman’s, savers, etc.
    6) – US Gov’t?

    Anyway, just throwing some ideas out there… this show CAN’T DISAPPEAR. There were very few things we looked forward to weekly on TV, and that was even BEFORE the writer’s strike. Now the landscape is truly bleak. Help?

    Longtime fan & new AZ resident,


  26. Carla

    OK, I can deal with the fact the show isn’t coming back (although that stinks), can’t A&E at least offer it on a DVD set? I’m certain I never got to see all the episodes and I would love to be able to watch it again whenever I wanted to.

  27. Steve

    I’m a former inmate who found your books and A&E show to be inspiring. You speak the truth, what everyone else thinks but are afraid to say. I hope you get another show soon. They give that racist Dog a second chance but cancel you? Shame on them.

  28. Larry-
    I had been looking for your show, it’s nice to see people in worse shape than me. Sorry to hear it was canceled, but know that it did help me. I took some modest advice from the show, started paying off bills and am hoping by the end of next year to have eliminated my $50,000 in credit card debt (started paying off nearly $60K last year). I would read your books, but frankly haven’t read a book in years. It’s amazing how common sense your approach is, and yet people act so crazy on the show like it’s the end of the world. I can’t understand why you can’t get any sponsors, though you kind of advocate against spending, not everyone who watches is in the same predicament. Again, thanks for the inspiration, and maybe someday I’ll get over my reading phobia and buy one of your books.

  29. Michelle

    Hi Larry!

    I am soooo sorry about the show! I looked forward to watching it every week! It has helped me so much! With the help of your show (and some advice from the suze orman show) in about 2.5 years I was able to pay off 35k in credit card debt and since then I have saved over 30k! I feel like I have so much more control over my spending and I definitely have you to thank for it! I have never read any of your books but I do plan to check them out – when i have the extra money of course 🙂 Please keep pushing to get your show back on the air…i will definitely be writing to the station and voicing my opinion!

    Thanks for everything!!!

  30. Brenda

    I would love to buy the DVD’s from the series. Is that possible? Those shows were the most motivational and entertaining!! Please direct me on where to buy the boxed set!

    • Larry Winget

      Brenda – there are no DVDs of the series. A&E didn’t produce them and they aren’t available, sorry.

  31. Jil

    Are they available online? I am having a hankering for “Big Spender” but can’t find them anywhere.

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